President Tinubu Commends Founding Fathers on Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary

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President Bola Tinubu has expressed his deep appreciation for the unwavering dedication, patriotism, and activism of Nigeria’s founding fathers, which ultimately led to the country’s liberation from colonial rule 63 years ago. He made these remarks in a national address to Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 63rd Independence Anniversary.

President Tinubu acknowledged that the relentless efforts of these visionary leaders breathed life into the idea of Nigeria as a sovereign and independent nation. He urged Nigerians to recognize the invaluable contributions of these pioneers who laid the foundation for the nation’s progress and freedom.

He emphasized the significance of unity among Nigerians and the common bonds that connect the diverse ethnic groups, religions, traditions, and cultures within the country. President Tinubu stressed that every Nigerian is endowed with sacred rights and individual gifts, making no one greater or lesser than another.

President Tinubu stated, “The triumphs that Nigeria has achieved shall define us. The travails we have endured shall strengthen us. And no other nation or power on this earth shall keep us from our rightful place and destiny.”

He highlighted Nigeria’s unique character as a nation formed by a blend of diverse elements, yet held together by intangible but strong bonds. He emphasized the shared aspirations for peace, progress, prosperity, harmony, tolerance, and justice that unite Nigerians.

While acknowledging the challenges of building a nation based on these noble principles, President Tinubu emphasized that Nigeria’s continued existence has disproven skeptics who doubted the nation’s viability. He praised Nigeria’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law, exemplified by the peaceful transition of power through successive democratic elections.

President Tinubu commended the contributions of Nigeria’s security forces, the legislature, the judiciary, and civil society organizations, all of which have played pivotal roles in the nation’s journey since independence. He reaffirmed the government’s dedication to ensuring the safety of citizens and the nation’s territorial integrity.

He also lauded the National Assembly and the judiciary for their roles in upholding democracy and fairness. President Tinubu reiterated his commitment to appointing individuals from all segments of the country into various national responsibilities, with a focus on fairness and inclusivity.

In closing, President Tinubu called for collective efforts to fulfill the vision of the nation’s founding fathers and work together to benefit all Nigerians.


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