Ogun State Government and PDP Clash Over Controversial Rice Palliative Distribution

A dispute has arisen between the Ogun State Government and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) regarding the distribution of rice palliatives in the state.

DAILY POST reported that videos have surfaced on social media showing leaders of two communities rejecting the rice donated by the Federal Government to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

In a recent viral video, an elderly man, claiming to be the Chairman of Shokeye CDA, expressed his rejection of the 10kg bag of rice provided to his community by the state government as a palliative. He labeled the palliative as “insulting” and stated, “We are not beggars.”

In response, the state government issued a statement through the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Dapo Abiodun, Lekan Adeniran, in which it accused the opposition party of being behind the videos. The government alleged that agents of the opposition were using media campaigns to discredit the Abiodun administration.

The government referred to those responsible for the media campaigns as fifth columnists and stressed that the Federal Government had specified that the palliatives were intended for the most vulnerable members of society.

Governor Abiodun had reportedly made it clear that the palliatives were to reach the intended beneficiaries, but some individuals are persistently attempting to tarnish the administration’s reputation for political reasons.

In a swift response, the PDP in Ogun State expressed surprise at the government’s attempt to blame the opposition for the videos circulating online. The PDP, as the primary opposition party in Ogun, had refrained from comment, expecting the APC government to exhibit greater competence and responsibility.

The PDP’s Publicity Secretary, Akinloye Bankole, criticized the government’s handling of the palliative distribution as a “brazen insult” to the people of Ogun State and an indication of the government’s lack of innovative governance. The opposition party called on the government to seek assistance and offer an unequivocal apology to the people of Ogun State.

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