Nigeria Immigration Service Launches 24/7 Passport Booklet Production, Promises 1-Week Issuance

Nigerian international passport

Nigerian international passport

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has introduced round-the-clock production of passport booklets and is committed to issuing passports within a week after data capture as reported by PRNigeria. According to the Acting Deputy Comptroller-General of Immigration and Head of the Passport and Other Traveling Document Directorate, Sadat Hassan. This move comes in response to recent reports of underhand practices by some immigration personnel, which have led to delays in passport issuance.

The Minister of Interior, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, had previously stated that, starting in December 2023, passports would be made available to applicants within two weeks. To realize this goal, the Controller-General of Immigration, Caroline Wura-ola Adepoju, has directed the 24/7 production of passport booklets, including weekends, and has provided transportation and other incentives to ensure that the demands are met.

DCG Hassan explained that, aside from Kwara and Edo, which have some backlog due to technical issues, all outstanding passport applications have been processed and cleared. The immigration service has centralized passport production using advanced technology, enabling better access to applicant data, complaints, and other irregularities.

The migration to a new, enhanced e-Passport, featuring laser technology, is currently 80% complete. DCG Hassan also highlighted that this process has been successfully implemented in various offices abroad, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America.

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Contrary to popular belief that foreign entities produce Nigerian passport booklets, DCG Hassan clarified that they are manufactured in Nigeria by Nigerians. The technical partner responsible for supplying, installing, and maintaining the machines is a Nigerian firm, IRIS Smart Technologies.

To combat corrupt practices among personnel, Mrs. Hassan emphasized that the NIS has established mechanisms to monitor and penalize staff involved in such misconduct. She urged passport applicants to cease offering bribes to NIS officers, pointing out that both givers and takers of bribes can face legal consequences.

The NIS has anti-corruption and Servicom units dedicated to investigating and prosecuting officers engaged in malpractices. This message is widely communicated on the NIS website and through banners displayed at all passport offices nationwide, explicitly warning applicants not to engage in bribery.

Mrs. Hassan commended the commitment of the CG in improving the welfare of service personnel and expanding facilities. She also noted the enhanced collaboration and synchronization of data due to the National Identity Management Commission’s move to the Ministry of Interior, which streamlines their operations and shortens processing times.

The PRNigeria team visited various facilities within the NIS, including the booklet production center, biometric capturing center, VIP lounges, and Quality Control rooms, where immigration officers diligently attended to applicants.

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