Mohbad’s Father Insists on DNA Test for Grandson Amid Paternity Dispute

Mohbad's Father Insists on DNA Test for Grandson Amid Paternity Dispute

Mohbad's Father Insists on DNA Test for Grandson Amid Paternity Dispute

Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian rapper, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, famously known as Mohbad, has poured his heart out, expressing his deepest emotions about the DNA test concerning his grandson, Liam.

With the nation divided over calls for a DNA test to determine Liam’s true paternity, Mr. Aloba opened up in a recent interview with Stams TV, revealing the raw emotions that surround this sensitive matter.

He emphasized the necessity of conducting a DNA test on his grandson, echoing the sentiment that it has evolved into a matter of national concern. The rumors of an earlier DNA test being conducted were quashed by Mr. Aloba, who asserted that such a significant procedure could not be executed without his consent.

To ensure the authenticity of the results, Mr. Aloba was firm in his stance that he must be physically present or, in the case of his absence, send a trusted representative to oversee the DNA test. Not stopping there, he insisted that the test should be conducted in two different hospitals to eliminate any uncertainty and to unveil the unadulterated truth.

Through the emotional conversation, Mr. Aloba expressed his complex feelings and his hope that Liam is indeed Mohbad’s child, the only child Mohbad claimed to have left behind for him. He recounted the touching moments he shared with Mohbad shortly before his passing, moments filled with love, joy, and the sweet presence of Liam.

While wishing for Liam to be Mohbad’s offspring, Mr. Aloba underscored the importance of conducting the DNA test now, for the sake of clarity and to prevent future repercussions. He acknowledged the significance of uncovering the truth and ensuring that neither he nor the late Mohbad would bear any blame if Liam’s paternity remains uncertain. In his eyes, the DNA test is an emotional necessity, a step towards clarity, and a means to find peace in the midst of uncertainty.

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