Bobrisky Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Naira Abuse by Lagos Court

Bobrisky Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Naira Abuse by Lagos Court

Bobrisky Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Naira Abuse by Lagos Court

Justice Abimbola Awogboro of the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos, handed down a six-month prison sentence to Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, for the act of mutilating Naira notes.

On Friday, April 5, 2024, he faced arraignment on a four-count charge related to the mutilation of Naira notes amounting to N490,000,00 (Four Hundred and Ninety Thousand Naira).

One count alleges that on March 24, 2024, at Imax Circle Mal, Jakande, Lekki, during a social event, you tampered with N400,000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira) notes issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria by spraying them. This action is considered an offence under section 21(1) of the Central Bank Act, 2007.

During a social event at Aja Junction, Ikorodu, a person named Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju allegedly tampered with a sum of N50,000.00 issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria by spraying it. This action is considered an offence under section 21(1) of the Central Bank Act, 2007.

He admitted his guilt when the charges were presented to him.

During the previous session, the prosecution counsel, S.I. Sulaiman, requested the court to permit the investigating officer, ASE I Bolaji Temitope Aje, to provide a concise overview of the facts pertaining to the case.

Aje provided a detailed account to the court regarding the EFCC’s receipt of intelligence on certain individuals who engage in the inappropriate practice of defacing and scattering Naira notes at social gatherings and event venues in Lagos.

He stated that the EFCC established the Special Operations Team to closely monitor individuals engaged in the practice of defacing the Naira, based on intelligence.

The team conducted visits to various event centres and closely monitored social media pages, where there were instances of the Naira being misused. Throughout the monitoring process, the team discovered videos on social media in which the defendant was observed mistreating the Naira. The team then proceeded to download these videos using our office laptops and also made copies of these videos on compact discs.

Considering the information provided, a letter of invitation was drafted and sent to the defendant.

The defendant accepted the invitation. Upon arriving at our office, he willingly received a caution. Afterwards, he willingly offered to pen his statement.

During the trial, the defendant was presented with a video depicting him showering an artist named Segun Johnson with money. The defendant admitted to being the individual featured in the video. He was also treated to a video at IMAX Circle Mall, where he generously spent a significant amount of money at a movie premiere. The defendant openly confessed to being the individual depicted in the video and acknowledged his involvement in the abusive actions.

The defendant was presented with two additional videos depicting him spraying money at different locations in Lagos.

The defendant confessed to showering money in these videos. Consequently, he was issued a bail condition.

As a result, Sulaiman requested the court to pass a verdict and appropriate sentence for the defendant.

Justice Awogboro subsequently declared the defendant guilty based on their admission of guilt and the testimony of PW1, along with the evidence presented.

Bobrisky expressed his plea for mercy, stating that as a social media influencer with a significant following, he was unaware of the law. I would love to have another opportunity to utilise my platform to educate my followers about the misuse of currency.

Additionally, his lawyer stated, “He will champion the fight against the misuse of Naira.” He is also a provider of jobs; and if he goes to jail, the people he employs will face hardships. He has been cooperative with the EFCC and has efficiently utilised the court’s time. We kindly request the court to exercise caution and grant the defendant permission to leave. He has provided compelling evidence of his potential value to the nation. We kindly request the consideration of a non-custodial sentencing option in the form of a fine.

Following careful consideration of the arguments presented by both parties, the Judge has decided to postpone the judgement in this case until Tuesday, April 9, 2024. Additionally, the Judge has ordered that the individual be held in the custody of the EFCC.

In the recent judgement, Justice Awogboro expressed concern over the damaging impact of mutilating Naira notes on the country’s image.

It’s time to address the issue of individuals altering and defacing our monetary system. This needs to come to an end. This will serve as a warning to others.

The Judge, thus, handed down a six-month prison sentence, with no possibility of a fine, starting from the day of his remand.



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